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We agree in advance on a set rate of commission and we pay direct selling expenses.

We have a lifetime commitment to the south central US market. We live here. We have developed quality relationships with our customers over many years. With most new lines we add, we have potential new customers already in mind before the ink is dry on the contract.

We have many years of sales, marketing and corporate management education and experience. We use it all to help you increase your sales.

We make money when you do.

​We sell many complimentary products and call on a wide variety of prospects and customers. We have discovered new applications for our product lines with customers our principals had not previously considered as potential markets.

We look for ways to help our customers solve problems and we are committed to maintaining a positive relationship with them. We have experienced great success in introducing new products because we understand the range of issues our customers need to address.

Our business depends on the relationship we build with our customers. Every call we make reinforces our long-term commitment to them and has the potential to open doors for all of our products, now and in the future.

We are among the first to recognize industry trends and to understand how companies are responding to changes in the economy.

Lower, Predictable Sales Costs


Immediate Market Access 

Free consulting


We’re hungry


Reach new markets

Systems Solutions Orientation


Every call benefits all our lines


Our finger is on the pulse of the industries we serve


  For Our Principals